24-28 September 2015 Course of Travnik in the Altai.

Venue Chalet «Sunny Beach». Ust-Muna Altai Mountains. Leading Treasurers Sergei Vlailevich — MD, professor, academician of the International Slavic Academy. registration fee 5000 rubles per 1st participant (accommodation included) organizers Partnership of North Teas +79139862144, sts65@mail.ru details see attachment

For the first time in Russia! The training program for producers Ivan-tea


For the first time in Russia!

In Tomsk, from 20 to 22 March 2015 will be held the course «Travnik»

Professional knowledge of herbs!

Partnership «Northern teas» and the National Union of «Russian tea» first start the program «Training foreman Ivan-tea», which consists of 3 levels:

1. Course «Travnik»

2. The course «Master Collection»

3. Course «Master — organizer of production.»

Time and place of the course «Herbal»:

1. Beginning on Friday, March 20 18—00ch to 22—00ch. Then on Saturday, March 21 from 00h to 10— 18—30ch and Sunday March 22 at 10—00ch 18—30ch.

2. Venue: Tomsk, trans. Belinsky 8/1.

Expert composition, the number of participants and the cost of training:

1. Expert Advisor «Partnership» Northern Teas «Academician Treasurers SV

2. The number of participants is 10 people. Set is limited!

3. Tuition 5000 rubles. (questions of accommodation and meals, participants decide on their own).

Effective pre-registration and advance payment!

Contact details:

1. The organizer of the course: Kryazhev Alexander Tel: 8—952—181—8325, e — mail: spezs@rambler.ru.

2.Telefony Tomsk Taxi: Taxis «Maxim» Phone 8 — (3822) — 900— 000,

3.Blizhayshie hotels and hostels in Tomsk: http://2gis.ru/tomsk

The course «Travnik» includes the following blocks:
1. Actions medicinal and food plants per person (body, emotions, psyche).
2. The mysterious world of plants, the laws of life and development.
3. Raising of plants in the healing process rights.

During the course will be discussed in detail such topics as:

1. Organization of the body and mind of man in the modern world of science;

2. Fundamentals of the constitutional organization of the person;

3. The theory of flavors — the basis of selection, appointment, use of food and medicinal plants;

4. Methodology and methods of formulation of topical diagnosis in modern herbal therapy;

5. The role of green plants in the life of Nature and Man. The evolution of green plants and the acquisition of their medicinal properties. Qualifier plant required a modern herbalist;

6. Magical properties of green plants, and methods for their identification;

7. Methods of collecting, transporting, drying, storage of the main types of medicinal and food plants;

8. Growing food and medicinal plants;

9. Common understanding of the organ systems — body connection and use them as indicators of the selection of herbal beverages;

10. Technology of formation of herbal recipes and types of home-made;

11. Methods and techniques incorporating medicinal plants into daily meals;

12. Description of the main representatives of the main types of medicinal and food plants in order to find in the forest, field, garden.

The successful course «Travnik» are invited to the next level:
2nd Course «Master Collection»: It participants are gathering skills according to the northern tradition and the lunar calendar, valuation and billing collection of plant parts fireweed angustifolia.

3 rd Course «Master — production manager» Through this course, graduates acquire the skills of the engineer — technologist, and organizer of production, followed by our support of production, sales and implementation of other traditional technologies.

Ivan -Chaya guarantees quality!


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