About company

It’s no secret — that the world’s population — increases.

Change and principles of life, lifestyle, living conditions and human activities, interests, approaches to the manufacture of products …

In connection with increasing requirements, including in food — along with natural products — most recently (only 20 years ago) on the shelves appeared products produced on an industrial scale with the use of artificial ingredients — substances produced by chemical :

— Genetically modified foods;

— Products grown with chemicals: pesticides, growth hormones, etc .;

— Products containing artificial (chemical) or cheap ingredients: soybean, palm oil, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, etc .;

— Etc.

In addition, in order to obtain greater profits, due to changes in the interests of human production and distribution of «chemical» products is greatly increased — and it felt the one!

But from food, from what we eat — it depends on human health!

Harmony — in balance! A man — part of nature!

Since the growing pace of technological progress, the pace of change in human life, the rate of introduction of products with the use of artificial substances, it is necessary to develop areas related to the natural habitat of man!

Ltd. «Natural products» was established in 2013., For the production of natural products, distribution and promotion of healthy lifestyles, and the revival of the search of approaches to improvement of human life in modern conditions.

The Russian people — a very rich history and traditions, which we should be proud of you, and do not forget!

Milestones of our company:

1. 2013. Production of willow-herb pressed fermented, as well as syrups Cedar.

        2. In 2014, the company increased its production volumes Ivan pressed fermented tea, and has expanded its range of products through entry into the Partnership of North Teas.

And this:

— Blended Ivan tea leaf fermented (Ivan-tea with medicinal herbs and berries);

— Bear Tea Series — All teas

— Dried berries of Siberian.

               3. In 2015, our company has become the official representative of the Association «North teas» in Tomsk. We also launched a number of joint projects with the Partnership «North teas» from a series of study:

a. Master Herbalist. — At this training course (for us is qualifying for the next round of training stages) gives practical tools for the diagnosis of the condition, and also the end of the course to the learner acquires skills of drawing up the blend to meet the challenges of the health or well-being.

b. Master Collection — on completion of the course students acquire skills search fields Ivan-tea, collecting pieces of willow-herb in practice distinguishes between assemblies at a different phase of the moon and from the time of collection. Also, learn the skills foreman gathering.

at. Master of Technology — studying here waiting dip in production technology from the stage of acceptance of the assembled plate and to the phase of the storage of the finished dried product in bags.

Information on training courses is placed on our page VKontakte: https://vk.com/naturallysu. Come sign up!

                     And also prepared two franchises:

Trading franchise «North teas.» The cost of 100 000 rubles, return 3-4 months.
Production franchise «North Ivan-tea Aged». cost 2.5 million rubles. payback of 1.5 years.