Addresses sales

Retail sales:

«Fabrika zdarovogo pitaniya», an online store:
GORPO «Dari prirodi», the Central Market, the main building, right wing.
Shopping center «Gostiny Dvor», ground floor, Department of «Gifts of Nature», Tomsk, st. Lenin 1
«Dzhaganat» Top products for a healthy diet, Tomsk, pr. Kirova, 34, 1st floor

LLC «Prirodnie produkti»

6345062, Tomsk, st. Klyueva, d. 26, kv. 84


Director, boules Alexander, tel. 8 952 181 8325

Deputy Director of Marketing, Anoufriev Yuri Alexandrovich tel.8-953-916-4339

We ensure your presence in the trading network of the main range of our products;
We deliver our products free of charge to the terminal of the transport company in the city of Tomsk in accordance with the application within 3 days;
We provide 100% exchange of defective and expired products during the term of our agreement with you;
We collected the tea own hands and it was machined, allowing to preserve all of its useful properties;
We have carried out the necessary tests and certify their products and ensure that it does not contain GMOs and other harmful impurities.