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This totally up-to-date version of 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions is designed to supply scholars with overview and perform for vocabulary and spelling good fortune. even if learning for very important educational, front, or certification checks, or simply brushing up for a category, this book's 1001 perform questions will help scholars improve their verbal skills at their very own velocity and concentrate on the parts the place development is such a lot wanted. greater than only a try relief, this booklet can be utilized to complement present category guideline and enhance task functionality via enhancing business-writing talents. simply tailored to slot lesson plans and homework assignments, 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions is additionally a source for academics and tutors who have to toughen pupil abilities.

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Churlish : surly :: steadfast : ________ a. sly b. assertive c. shy d. resolute 358. milieu : environment :: culture : ________ a. commencement b. departure c. customs d. dismay 353. indirect : forthright :: unashamed : ________ a. evasive b. deceitful c. abashed d. detached 359. downcast : jaunty :: despondent : ________ a. reticent b. taciturn c. jubilant d. indomitable 354. superlative : abysmal :: atrocious : ________ a. pallid b. haggard c. sharp d. noble 360. enumerate : cite :: disregard : ________ a.

Rewarding. 222. Ludicrous is most dissimilar to a. absurd. b. somber. c. reasonable. d. charitable. 228. Panacea is most similar to a. cure. b. result. c. cause. d. necessity. 223. Archaic is most dissimilar to a. tangible. b. modern. c. ancient. d. haunted. 229. Taut is most dissimilar to a. neutral. b. relaxed. c. rigid. d. vague. 224. Incredulous is most similar to a. fearful. b. outraged. c. inconsolable. d. disbelieving. 230. Rile is most dissimilar to a. appease. b. prosper. c. oppress. d.

Unite. 201. Affable is most dissimilar to a. disagreeable. b. hollow. c. simple. d. eager. 207. Pacify is most dissimilar to a. complicate. b. dismiss. c. excite. d. atomize. 23 –S Y N O N Y M S A N D A N T O N Y M S – 208. Plausible is most dissimilar to a. insufficient. b. apologetic. c. unbelievable. d. credible. 214. Confer is most similar to a. confide. b. consult. c. refuse. d. promise. 209. Idle is most similar to a. working. b. effective. c. immobile. d. functional. 215. Repast is most similar to a.

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