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Enforcement Coloured in blue are the nations currently involved in implementing the no-fly zone over Libya (coloured in green) Initial NATO planning for a possible no-fly zone took place in late February and early March, especially by NATO members France and the United Kingdom. France and the United Kingdom were early supporters of a no-fly zone and have sufficient airpower to impose a no-fly zone over the rebel-held areas, although they might need additional assistance for a more extensive exclusion zone.

On 4 March, he called the West to use airstrikes against Gaddafi after his contacts in Libya told him they need airstrikes. He also argued that a no-fly zone would be insufficient but later calls for the no-fly zone. He later stated that international community needs "less talk and more action" to stop the violence. He has asked for a no-fly zone over Libya but does not support foreign ground troops. He sent a letter to current UN secreatary general Ban Ki-moon calling the UN to impose the no fly zone.

Timeline of reported deaths per event Date February 16 February 17-20 February 17-25 February 17 February 18 February 18-23 Opposition fatalities 1 332-479 300 4-10 2 6-14 Government fatalities None reported 163 None reported None reported None reported None reported Detail Protests in Roujdane. First Battle of Benghazi Tripoli clashes Protests in Ajdabiya. Protests in Qubah. Protests in Misrata. February 20 February 24March 10 February 24ongoing 4 None reported Protests in Tobruk. 234-247 65 Battle of Az Zawiyah 243-427 137-171 Battle of Misrata February 26 22 None reported March 2 March 4-12 14 71-81 2-10 4-27 March 4 34-100 None reported March 6 March 6 March 13-15 12-60 5-6 5 1 None reported 25 March 14 4 None reported March 15-26 March 15 136 1 41 None reported March 17 None reported 1-2 March 18 March 18 March 19-20 March 21-22 1 3-6 120 9 4 None reported 27-30 None reported March 22-24 None reported 19-28 16-21 90 Battle of Zintan 7 7 Late March rebel offensive March 22ongoing March 27-30 Capture and execution of rebel fighters at Sirte.

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