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By Yumiko Akeba, Ai Yusura

Do you love BL? Ever desired to examine Japanese?

Then try out this primer for studying the language,

brought to you via Otome’s Way’s personal Yusura Ai and accomplished
Japanese instructor Akeba Yumiko because the pair collaborate to convey to existence this fun,
flirty advisor to jap. during this first quantity, scholars can be brought to the fundamentals of jap pronunciation and
writing--including the hiragana and katakana syllabaries--as good as learn how to grasp greetings, self-introductions, and counting.
Includes interactive charts, audio counsel, and extra! quantity 1 in an on-going series.

-- special clarification of the fundamentals of jap pronunciation
-- Hiragana chart with accompanying audio suggestions to aid scholars grasp the hiragana syllabary
-- Katakana chart with accompanying audio guidance additionally included
-- Stroke-order animation to assist scholars methods to write the "あ" to "た" hiragana.
-- clarification of counting procedure with audio accompaniment
-- Manga (with accompanying voice recordings) incorporated at the start and finish of the volume
-- classes to assist scholars grasp greetings and self-introductions

Notes: This publication version from Tigris+Libra

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Extra info for A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese 1

Example text

Along with them//him …’), pı´-se-ne-es (dupl. 23 III 12 ]we¯s pisenes DMaliya[; ibid. 40 Vs. 9 Du-as] Dpisenes ‘storm-god’s [divine] males’ [dupl. 78 Rs. , and the [divine] females’ [Ibid. -loc. mesˇ-nas]), pı´se-ni-is (dupl. KBo 43,75, 6 ]pisenis ka[t-; ibid 7 D]Ma¯liyas[; ibid. mesˇ-as (dupl. 32 Vs. mesˇes (e. g. mesˇ (profuse, e. g. 63 Vs. mesˇ we¯s ‘men of hurkil we [are]’; ibid. Vs. mesˇ hurkilas [cf. Luwoid acc. pl. mesˇ ak[kanzi ‘if three men or two men are killed’ [also lu´ with plural numbers, e.

Pres. act. pı´-es-si-ya-an-zi (e. g. 70 Rs. 129 Rs. 131 Rs. 240 Rs. 13 Rs. 8 ´ [emended from dupl. 8 I 12 katta pessiyanzi; dupl. 45 I 28 n-asta DUGhanessan suhhaz gam pessiya*n+zi [dupl. 128 Vs. 141 I 10), pı´-es-si-an-zi (e. g. 14 Rs. mesˇ dapiandas [wahnuwanzi] n-an arha pissiyanzi ‘they take from him [viz. ra parsandann-a pissianzi ‘and frittered breadloaf they throw’ [HaasϪWilhelm, Riten 226]), 1 sg. pret. act. 32 pessiya(i)- pı´-es-si-ya-nu-un (e. g. 13 I 24 and dupl. 3 I 13 nu-tta arha u¯ l pessiyanun; dupl.

Kunkunuzzi-). For a possible ultimate root-connection with pir ‘house’ see s. v. Cf. NA4pirulu(wa)-. pes(s)-, pis(s)- ‘rub, scrub’, 3 sg. pres. act. 1 I 32Ϫ33 nuza dumu-as a¯rri isˇtu sˇe +na´g-ma-az peszi ‘the child washes himself and rubs himself with soap’ [Kronasser, Die Sprache 7: 143 (1961)]), 3 pl. pres. act. 33 I 4 [ibid. I 3 gesˇpu´ -si ‘fist’; ibid. mesˇ tianzi ‘they put before the gods’]), 3 pl. ˇ pret. act. ga` r-an kissir nu-war-an pissir nuwar-an-kan arrir ‘she placed a lead comb, they carded a pure young ewe, scrubbed it, and washed it’ [Laroche, RHA 23: 168 (1965); HaasϪWilhelm, Riten 26]).

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