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By González, Hebe Alicia

This dissertation presents a linguistic description of Tapiete, a Tupi-Guarani (TG) language spoken in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Fieldwork has been carried out in Argentina, the place approximately eighty Tapiete households are settled in "Misión Los Tapietes", Tartagal, province of Salta, northern Argentina. therefore, the linguistic facts and the result of this examine replicate the range spoken through the Tapietes dwelling in Argentina.  Read more...

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On the other hand, exogenous marriages start to appear among 50-year-old people. This new trend is possibly related to the conversion of Tapiete people to Christianity. Indeed, all the testimonies show that this conversion must have happened about 35 years ago, that is to say, when people who are now 50-60-year-old were about 20. According to the testimonies I could gather, evangelization broke the taboo that forbade Tapiete people to look for a husband/wife outside the Tapiete community. While reaching present times, ‘Misión Tapiete’ is getting ethnic diversity through couples that include members from a greater number of indigenous communities (Toba, Weenhayek, Chorote, Wichí, Chané) and also Criollos.

Material culture, customs, religion, language, and so on) has not been carried out, my impression is that language is an important constituent element of such identity. One of the reasons for their feeling that they are Guaraní is that they speak a language close to Guaraní, which would be an indisputable proof of their belonging to this group. Up to now, I have restricted myself to presenting the existing discussion about their ethnic origin, but it does not mean I believe this issue has to be solved (at least not right now).

In this case, we could suppose that their job is oriented towards the teaching and fostering of the use of Tapiete language on the part of the children that are not, in any case, competent speakers of the language. This fact, along with other elements of an overall plan, would help to reverse the advanced state of the loss of language that is evident among the members of the community. However, this is not the real situation. The bilingual assistants’ role inside the school is quite problematical, because there is an evident lack of consensus about the job they have to perform and also about the objectives that the bilingual educational program wants to reach.

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