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However, I give more attention to WC Bajau’s ‘symmetrical’ voice system and how derivational affixation in the language functions within the voice system. While I do not delve deeply into theoretical issues, I have sometimes found it useful to draw upon the insights of Role and Reference Grammar (RRG), the most thorough treatment of which can be found in Van Valin and LaPolla (1997). The concept of semantic macroroles (‘actor’ and ‘undergoer’), which is foundational to RRG, is used extensively used in this grammar.

20 In summary, WC Bajau patterns as an Indonesian-type language in its voice system, having two primary voices (actor and undergoer). Furthermore it is a ‘symmetrical voice language’ because both actor and undergoer voices are transitive. In its syntactic features of word order, (absence of) case- 18 This is not to deny that aspect is to some degree correlated with voice in Bajau. For example, the actor voice is often used to express imperfective contexts. However, there is no morphological marking (voice or otherwise) that requires a given aspectual category.

Part of their wide geographical distribution owes to the fact that the Sama-Bajaw have long been known as boat dwellers or ‘sea nomads’, though some have now adopted a sedentary lifestyle (Blust 2005:41). Despite their scattered distribution, the SamaBajaw languages “continue to exhibit clear evidence of a close genetic relationship, in phonology, lexicon, semantic structure and syntax” (Pallesen 1985:43). While most of the Sama-Bajaw languages are geographically located in the Philippines, in terms of linguistic classification they are excluded from the Philippine group.

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