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By Pet, Willem J. A.

Arawak (Lokono Dian), an Amerindian language within the Arawakan language relations, is comparatively undescribed. the aim of this research is to provide a normal, bottom-up cartoon of Arawak. It starts off with reviews at the phonology, then discusses morphology and syntax, and ends with reviews approximately discourse.

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Kolokon ‘in fire or light’ b. g. referring to the pot)’ kolokon c. g. 4 Derived Nouns Arawak has at its disposal a number of ways by which it can derive nouns and noun phrases from other categories in the language. 1 Event Verb + -koana An instrumental noun or noun phrase may be derived from an event verb21 with the suffix -koana ‘an instrument or device with which’ (glossed below and elsewhere as ‘THING’). The resulting derived noun is always something with which the action of the verb can be accomplished.

Kodibio-be bird-PL khonan. about/on However, these postpositional phrases can be used with nearly any event verb, regardless of its stem type. They are not restricted to a-stem forms. ’ de me oma. 32 The only mechanism available by which to add another NP into an a-stem clause is the same means by which one is added to other intransitive clauses—namely, by using it in a postpositional phrase. As already mentioned, one of the characteristics of the a-stem is that the actions it expresses seem to be less bounded and more general.

Owner’). Similarly, the verb ythyn ‘to drink’ can receive the object-relativizing suffix -sia, yielding ythysia ‘that which is drunk, beverage’. e. ‘mildly drunk people’). 4 Verbs Arawak verbs may be divided into two large classes based on their semantics and the structures in which they occur: event verbs and stative (or non-event) verbs. This latter group consists primarily of words expressing concepts which, in English, would be expressed by adjectives. (35) a. Event Verb: Lirabo soko-fa to ada.

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