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By Garth L. Hallett

Charting a "middle method" among the extremes represented by way of Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne, Garth Hallett explores the thesis that if trust in different minds is rational and precise (as it without doubt is), so too is trust in God. He makes a robust case that once this parity declare is effectively constrained to a unmarried, sound other-minds trust, trust in God and trust in different minds do end up epistemically related. This outcome, and the certain course that results in it, will curiosity scholars and students in philosophy of faith and theology.

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And their existence is what interests us, not their accuracy. ), people who think and feel as Reid does are more likely to believe in God, whereas people who harbor the contrary sentiments of a Voltaire are less likely to believe in God. To paraphrase James: If your heart does not want to believe in Godor wants not to believe in Godyour head will assuredly never make you believe in God. Let it also be clear that in listing affective factors as nonepistemic, I do not mean to suggest that they are automatically antiepistemic.

Thus the same pattern emerges as before, point by point. Although most people have good reasons, I am sure, for the beliefs Russell challenged: (1) they have not articulated these good reasons for themselves or for others; (2) if they tried, they would have great difficulty doing so; (3) yet the reasons are not merely ones they have, unreflectively and ineffectually, but ones that ground their beliefs; (4) therefore the beliefs are objectively, epistemically rational. In confirmation, let me take the demonstration a step further.

The scientific viewpoint had to be the exclusive viewpoint. Whatever lay beyond its purviewincluding Godwas meaningless. ")31 The influence here starkly revealed subtly suffuses our culture. Of his communist past, Lepp reports, "I do not recall ever being disturbed by the mystery of the ultimate origin of things. "35 Theists, impressed by the order in the universe, the anthropic principle, or the like, might contest the absoluteness of this saying but not its basic thrust. The beliefs Russell cites are not scientific beliefs.

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