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By Young-tsu Wong

This publication is aimed toward readers and researchers who're attracted to chinese language backyard structure, the increase and fall of Yuanming Yuan and the background of the Qing dynasty. it's the first entire research of the palatial backyard complicated in a Western language, and is abundantly illustrated with images and unique drawings. Young-tsu Wong’s enticing writing sort brings "the backyard of ideal brightness" to existence as he leads readers on a grand travel of its structure and history.

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This pealed northwest Beijing’s fame for the “Three Hills and Five Gardens” (sanshan wuyuan). 3 A Great Synthesis of the Garden Arts 17 the campuses of Tsinghua and Peking Universities (cf. , 97:1100). The most important designers of the Yuanming Yuan were members of the Lei family. For several generations, the Leis maintained an office inside the garden to carry on the endless repairs and new construction work. Lei Fada, who first won wide recognition in his profession at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, earned official rank after having helped the Kangxi Emperor rebuild the Grand Harmonious Court (Taihe Dian) inside the Forbidden City.

C. (Sima Qian). (1979). Selection from records of the historians. Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang, trans. Peking: Foreign Language Press. Tung, C. (1938, May). Foreign Influence in Chinese Architecture. T’ien Hsia Monthly, 6(5), 410– 417. Wang, S. (1981). Guangzhi yi [A Study on Geography]. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju. 22 1 Provenance Wu, S. (1934). Wei Jin fengliu yu sijia yuanlin [Romanticism of the Wei-Jin Period and the Private Gardens]. Xuewen, 1(2), 80–114. Xin Tangshu. (1975). [The New History of the Tang Dynasty] (Vols.

When designating his Forty Views, Qianlong called the Fairy’s Islet the Immortal Abode on the Fairy Terrace (Pengdao Yaotai). 13 The principal structure of Pengdao Yaotai. Sketch by Joseph C. Wang and Xinbai Yu 11 Li Sixun’s fame in painting was recorded in the official history of the Tang Dynasty (Jiu Tangshu 1975, 7:2346). 44 2 Disposition The Fairy’s Islet, rising 6 ft above the surface of the water, actually comprised three islets with the large one at the center named the Fairy Terrace (Xianren Chenglu Tai).

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