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This introductory textual content develops the geometry of n-dimensional orientated surfaces in Rn+1. by means of viewing such surfaces as point units of delicate capabilities, the writer is ready to introduce international principles early with out the necessity for initial chapters constructing refined equipment. the calculus of vector fields is used because the basic instrument in constructing the speculation.

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Several mRNAs which increased with senescence were either not present, or present in very low abundance prior to the increase in ethylene evolution. These results indicate that senescence of carnation petals is associated with changes in gene expression. It is not known at this time whether the changes in mRNA populations during senescence are regulated at the transcriptional level, since it is also possible that changes in mRNAs may reflect differences in message stability or processing. Current efforts in this lab are to use molecular cloning techniques to isolate and characterize these genes (Lawton et aJ.

The most effective inhibitors are those 2. PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY OF FLOWER PETAL SENESCENCE 29 which inhibit ACC synthase and include the rhizobitoxin analog aminoethoxy vinylglycine (AVG) and aminooxyacetic acid (AOA). Cut carnation flowers fed with AOA showed a delay in loss of membrane integrity (Mayak et al. 1985; Sylvestre and Paulin 1987)and phospholipid content (Mayak et aJ. 1985; Paulin et al. 1985) and higher membrane fluidity values (Mayak et aJ. 1985). Other chemicals which inhibit the action of ethylene are extremely effective in delaying or preventing petal senescence.

1982). Water stress also causes carnation flowers to exhibit an earlier loss of membrane integrity, decline in membrane phospholipid content (Mayak et al. 1985; Paulin et al. 1985b)and decrease of fluidity (Coker et al. 1985; Mayak et al. 1985). There are indications that protein synthesis is involved in the response of the flowers to water stress since inhibitors of protein synthesis also eliminate the advance in final wilting symptoms of the stressed flowers (A. Drori, unpublished results). It is common practice to store cut flowers at low temperatures.

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