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Syêriai fast, quickly. spèriaü faster, quicker. — — taste. skristi (skreffda,skrdo, skris) fly. — — spsti. (spéndia, spénde, sps) set (a trap). — spidanàip dial, for spidini4, see spindéti. 41. idi,spind&jo,—ds) glisten. jo,—6s) sparkle. ). ), be consumed by fire. — sud&iImas (2) structure, constitution. gro sudéjImo well—built. — — sriubà (4) staià. — — soup. ), bake too dry. suddenly. stlas (4) — table. stabOs, —i,— (4) — sudiüti (—dista or -diüva, —diüvo,—dj’is) dry. ). large. — stebétis (stbisi, stebêjosi,—bêsis) be anazéd.

Prikti (prikelia, prikelè,—keis) — arouse, awaken. prati (pro,pré,—s) — ask, request. praaü séstis — please sit down. pra palukti — please wait a while. — pri’etaisas (1) ingredient. r s 6 u. (—grda,—grdo,—grs) — cram, fill overfull. praskieTati (— sk1edi a, pràsklei dè, —skles) — open, turn up. (2) prfesaulis, —io (1) — place in the sun. prresauly — in the sun. — prvs, prakio (3) dial. for prieaks, prfeakio (3) - front. pritati (prItari, prItaré, —tas) — agree. pri iürèti — tend. w. acc. -rês) through.

Savimi (instr. of refi. pronoun) see save. S sàvo (poss. refi. pronoun) one’s own; his, her, its, their (own); my, your, our (own). — stis,—io (2) buckle. — sak’fti (säko,skê,sakrs) tell. aldalniai (2) — — say, sédéti (sdi,—djo,—dès) sweets, candies. — sit. séllés (1) saliva. jis his mouth nurja siles waters. — saidum\fhai (1) — sweets. salds, —i,— (3 s—) — — sweet. long senal obs. for senial long time past. lé (2) — room, hail. sa1iai (2) dial. for saltai (2) (salad made of) lettuce. — to (dat.

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