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By D Adamson, Marston Bates

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But prevent ing larger mo lecules from leaving, The process of ph ot o synthesis leads to an increased concen tration of sugar within the cell sap (the liq uid substa nce inside the vac uo le), Consequently, osmosis occurs and water enters the cell. The increased vo lume of water within the ce ll cau ses an increase of pressu re on the cell wall. thus producing tu rgor in t he cell, Now answe r these questions using because o r because of: a) b) c) d) c) Why can suga r and water pass th rough the cell wall ?

Following . .. c) The cycle in which nitrogen leaves the soil in the form of nitrates and eventually returns to it, following the deat h of herbivore s : Initially, . . Subseq uently, . Even tua lly, . Fo llowing this, . . At the same time, . Subseq uently, Section 2 . Development 3. Look at these diagrams : a) O~cJ) b) GB- @J c) . - .. ferti lised egg d) ( . )~ ~xternal gil ls ~ At time of hatching g) ~ t~~ . - coiled intestine external gills Four days after hatching i) ~opercul u m Eight days afte r hatchin g Early stages in the grow th of a tad pole 41 Match these fi gures with the lett ers (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (I) in the text and com plete their labels.

Food to pass rapid ly the walls. g) Each villus con tains a dense netwo rk of blood . h) T he small mo lecules of digested food con sist mainly of amino acids and . . Unit 6 Process 2 Actions in Sequence Section 1 Presentation I. Look aod read: time A ---~~ B ---~~ o -----~ c Bef ore } the occurrence of B. A occ urs. Bef ore B occurs. A occurs. Prior to Aft er A has occurred. B occurs. Ajier . rence or A. z- II . } the occur r O o Wing B occurs. As A occurs. } During the occurrence of A. C occurs.

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