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By D. T Tryon

Basic advent to the Tahitian language and entire examine according to sleek linguistic suggestions, awarded in non-technical language.

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7. I met the girl who was married yesterday. 8. I saw Moana planting a coconut tree. 9. I went and watched my wife swimming. 10. It is they (dl) who went fishing for crayfish. CONVERSATIONAL TAHITIAN 90 108. Yisit to the Shops Vocabulary: te haerera'a to explain the visit te fare toa ho'o-haere the shop to shop te tauiha'a hina'aro the purchase to want tofi1o ani to enter to ask te tatnahine-ho'oho'o the shop assistant horo'ct to give fa'a'ite te piripou ninannu 'ehia moni? rc tArct tehia? to pay the shirt don't rush!

2. Do not hit the dog. 3. Give rne that book. 4. ) be happy! 5. Do not run fast. 6. Go and get some fish at the market. 7 . Grate the coconut. 8. Do not forget to get the theatre tickets. 9. ) go and get the boat this afternoon. 10. Let us (pl. ) prepare for the arrival of the Te ani nei teie ttt'atu rAtere 'i te ho'e ta'ata-fa'ahoro-pere'o'o no te 'f i atu 'ianq 'i te 'oire, te uahi tei reira tona hotera. e roa, 'e hqere taua. ,, Governor. "Teie, 92. A. ere mai nei te tqui,ha'a te pere'o'o te hotera who approaches the baggage, suitcase the taxi, car the hotel to ask ani 'e nehenehe anei ta 'oe raue 'ia'u?

Lit. will do we the work with the stop without) 'Ore is also used as a negative verb in such sentences as: No te aha'oe 'e 'ore ai 'e 'au? Why don't you swirn? fa'ahou 'i te mau ta'qtq. Lest he eat men again. Further reference to 'ore as a verb is made in $98. Some adverbs and acljectives take on a negative sense when follow- edby'ore. Examples: pinepine often tu'utu'u slack nehenehe possible pinepine'ore rarely (a) Translate into English: te poti'i'i pa'imi hia'e te taure'are'a tane- 2. 'Aita tona 'i taupo'o 1a hia 'inanehi ra' 3.

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