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By Joseph K. Loughlin

A attention-grabbing, first-hand account of a homicide research in a rural nation.

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A young man who would prove, even to experienced detectives, to be shockingly cold-blooded in the lengths he would go to to hide his crime. This is also a story of unusual interagency cooperation, of strong bonds formed where territorialism and suspicion normally reigned. Of a case that might never have been successfully resolved, a body that should never have been found, of dark dreams and psychics’ maps and divine intervention. This is the story of how some good and dedicated cops relentlessly tested the evidence—and the suspect— until the false stories unraveled, waiting for the missteps that would give them their breaks, and, in the way of the best homicide investigators, did not give up until they had found their Amy and brought her killer to justice.

The whole enterprise is informed by their knowledge of the ways they'll be tested when a case comes to court. This is a story of good, old-fashioned police work. Not the sexy, solve-it-in-an-hour forensics of CSI or the intense, sweat ’em in a box psychological manipulations of David Simon's Homicide. In the real world, the investigation, arrest, and trial don't happen neatly in an hour, as they do on Law & Order. They happen piece by slow, determined, painstaking piece, through a complex interweaving of different detectives’ skills.

The authors don't just take readers into the investigation; they take them inside the heads of the investigators…. ” —Publishers Weekly “[E]specially compelling because of the personal account of [Captain] Loughlin … There are no ‘CSI solutions’ that wrap up the case in a conveniently short time. There are no magic findings of DNA. ” —Foreword magazine “[A] highly compelling read from the opening page to the bittersweet final lines. ” —Margaret Press, author of A Scream on the Water To Amy Elizabeth St.

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