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Both attach great importance to centralized control over capital and land and to industries and agriculture on large scale. Both believe in money economy. The quarrel between them consists in each wanting to establish its own control over these and each desiring to get the largest share in the fruits. When a road branches itself into two, even if the angle between the two branches is less than five degrees at the base, after some miles, their ends will be away from each other by several miles.

If men and women do not work in mutual co-ordination, but one sex tries to dominate the other, sexual antagonisms and conflicts will follow. We cannot do away with the different organs of a person and make him organless. We cannot also make the society sexless. We cannot do this though we know that there do exist hundreds of creatures which have a single organ and a single sex. Similarly you cannot do away with class divisions in a modern society, though it is possible to have a simple society in which there are no functional divisions.

Moreover, the difference between antagonism and hatred is that between the thin and the thick edges of a wedge. The former makes way for the entry of the latter. The fundamental point is this: In a complicated society, classes are bound to exist and arise on account of the different functions, which the society needs to be performed. If these functions are properly correlated and co-ordinated with one another, the classes that is the performers of these functions, — will generally work in harmony; otherwise, they will come into mutual conflict.

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