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32 Future of Political Violence In Western Europe, the Soviet Union will continue to use the KGB to exploit these conflicts, by discreetly providing material, propaganda, intelligence support and encouragement for both dissident and terrorist movements. The aim will be, not so much to further the political progress of these movements (because the USSR usually despises their politics and sees no realistic prospect that they will actually achieve any political power), but rather to destabilize Western societies and the structure of their economies and alliances.

Telephone warnings, hoax or real, are usually very Trends in Technology and Tactics 41 short, so tracing them will always be difficult, and this problem is further discussed in Chapter 8. Blocking of access by demonstrators may prove increasingly attractive to anti-NATO or environmentalist movements in Europe against government and corporate targets, especially of installations connected with defence or the processing and storage of data. There is a tendency for such demonstrations to become more aggressive, partly because of the rising threshold of shock needed to attract media attention, and partly because, when peaceful demonstrations fail to achieve results, frustration usually leads to more violence.

The copycat syndrome was much in evidence in 1981 whereby bored young people were fired by television news pictures to go out and riot or loot. Multichannel television and instant news will increase each one of these phenomena in the years to come. CONTROLLING CIVIL DISORDER 'Total freedom is anarchy; total order is tyranny' thus said Sir Robert Mark, when he was Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in the 1970s. The right to strike, the right of peaceful persuasion on picket lines and the right to protest or demonstrate a point of view, are fundamental to liberal democracies, not only on moral grounds, but also for the practical reason that they provide a legitimate avenue for the 16 Future of Political Violence pursuit of an objective and thereby reduce the likelihood of it being pursued by violent means.

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