Our partners

Consumer Market Department under the Administration of Tomsk region

Committee of trade and production of consumer goods.

Ltd. «Northern teas»

Products: North Ivan tea, Salairsky Mёd, North Desert, Tea iz Trav.

630102, Novosibirsk, ul. Stanzionaya, 104

Phone: +7 913 986 21 44

E-mail: sts65@mail.ru

Ltd. «Zvenyazhie kedri Rossii»

Products: natural products from the family estate.

Phone: 8-913-915-13-70

Website: megre.ru

Ltd. «Fabrika zhdorovogo pitaniya» online store

Products: healthy foods and products (fiber, balms, syrups, teas, jellies, fitosbory etc.)

634021, Tomsk, Prospekt Frunze, 109

+7 913 887-72-11

E-mail: manager@parlamar.ru

The company «KEDRADAR» IB Rud’ko V.V.

Products: Turpentine, food balms, natural cosmetics, syrups, teas

Phone: 8-953-919-27-46

E-mail: kedradar@mail.ru