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 ск стекло миниCedar syrup is a health-giving syrup based on water extract of cedar needles. It stabilizes the nervous system, it brings to life after endured stresses, and it helps the body to recover sooner after a serious disease. Cedar needles provide a high content of polysaccharides and flavonoids that serve as building material to strengthen the blood vessels, renew and form cellular membrane walls in all the body tissues. Beneficial properties>>
 скш стекло миниCedar Syrup with eglantine is an anti-inflammatory syrup. It is indispensable towards fighting depression of strength, irritation, disturbed metabolism, kidney and bladder diseases. Cedar needles promotes cleansing the blood vessels, increases their elasticity and improves the blood composition. Beneficial properties>>
скм стекло мини Cedar Syrup with Honey is a valuable complex of nutrient elements that are essential for a human body. Syrup is very beneficial for the heart, for optimum functioning of the human body and for satisfying its mineral elements requirement. Due to its sedative action it has a favorable impact on the nervous system without doing any harm whatsoever to the human body. Beneficial properties>>
скб стекло миниCedar Syrup with Red bilberry is a very good syrup that is a general strengthening and tonic agent in cases of febrile states, colds and morbilli. Strong diuretic action is characteristic to it; red bilberry is administered in the cases of renal and urinary bladder diseases, diseases of liver and gall bladder, hypertonia, intoxications and diathesis. Beneficial properties>>
ски стекло миниCedar Syrup with Ginger is syrup possessing spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, excitatory, dissolving, healing and tonic influence on the human body. Apart from that cedar syrup with ginger effectively improves immunity and perfectly protects the human body from various pathogenic bacteria. Beneficial properties>>