Cedar syrup

ск стекло мини

Cedar needles extract is a real natural pharmacy that will help you gain health.

Cedar Syrup. It builds nervous system, promotes relaxation and improves state of health after a day of hard work, it brings to life after the endured stress, it helps recover sooner from a serious disease.

Regular consumption of syrups from Cedar Syrup range improves body defenses, fortifies the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

Syrup composition contains aqueous extract of cedar needles mainly comprising polysaccharides and flavonoids. Polysaccharides serve as building material to strengthen the blood vessels, renew and form cellular membrane walls in all the body tissues (including nervous tissues).

According to Ekaterinburg scientists, regular consumption of aqueous extract of cedar needles contained in syrups:

  • causes a tendency to chromosome structure restoration,
  • improves the blood composition,
  • enhances the body resistance to virus and bacterial infections,
  • regulates functioning of gastrointestinal tract (in the case of pains and spasms such as intestinal pains, colics, intestine bloat, epigastric burning, gastric indigestion, hiccup),
  • promotes immunity improvement and nervous system stabilization.

A distinguishing feature of cedar needles extract is its high percentage of active substances that produce permanent and visible effect from the extract consumption as well as its soft operation, absence of side effects, possibility to apply it in a complex treatment (that being important in the case of allergic diseases and intolerance to synthetic medicaments).

Acerose leaf twigs of cedar contain plenty of biologically active substances providing therapeutic and stimulatory action. They involve vitamins, chlorophyll, micro- and macro-elements, phytoncids, phytohormones, essential oils. Acerose leaves are particularly rich in vitamin C which content in the leaves is higher in winter than in summer. On the contrary, acerose leaves contain less essential oils in summer than in winter.

Acerose leaves are a source of carotene which is indispensable for good eyesight and for preventing cancer. Acerose leaves also contain antisterility vitamin (vitamin E). Lack of this vitamin causes painful changes in skeletal muscles, in muscle of the heart, nerve cells and sexual glands, it results in quick ageing of the body.

Phytoncids contained in acerose leaves belong to substances capable of killing fungi, harmful animalculine and multicellular organisms. Phytoncides are injurious for influenza virus, germs of tuberculosis, dysentery and other diseases, they accelerate healing of wounds, stimulate cardiac function, and purify air.

Needles contain micro- and macro-elements including aluminum, copper, iron. The direct consequence of one or the other lacking element are certain diseases, such as anaemia, digestion problems, rapid fatigability, dizziness, blood values degradation, disturbances of the respiratory system.

Due to its unique properties cedar needles extract is used in treatment of a large variety of diseases. Acerose leaves are mostly used to treat depression, neurosis, epilepsy, cardiovascular, cold-related diseases, diseases of musculo-skeletal system, retinal detachment and optic nerve atrophy. Cedar needles also promote elimination of radionuclides and toxins from the human body.

Cedar syrup flavor relieves superexcitation and enhances mood.

Maintain friendship with cedar needles. They are always prepared to help you deal with ailments and gain continued good health and long life.