Ivan tea

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“Ivan tea” (ready tea drink) is produced by our company and is made of blooming sally leaves (ТУ 9198-002-16574499-2013). It is a genus of perennial plants of willowherb family, which can reach 0.5-1.5 (up to 2) meters of height.

Unlike the large number of leafy blooming sally represented on the market, our “Fermented granulated Ivan tea” has a bright rich flavor and color specific to traditional black teas.

By the way, in comparison with Indian and Chinese black teas, Siberian Ivan tea has a unique “live” character of taste, flavor and properties.

Granulated tea passes next stages of production:

— manual collection;

— withering;

— twisting;

— fermentation;

— granulation;

— low-temperature drying.

Granulating technology allows making tea up to three times.

The production is located in pollution-free district, which is about 20 km from Tomsk city — in environmentally pristine village “Solnechnaia poliana”.

What does the Ivan tea contain?

As V.I. Emelianov and A.N. Nikitin, members of Academy of Science noted, the plant “Blooming sally” which we use to make the Ivan tea, is such kind of plants, which contain everything for a long and healthy life of mankind.

The plant contains: iron, titanium, nickel, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, as well as potassium, calcium, sodium, lithium, etc. Also contains bioflavonoids, pectin, tannins.

Vitamin number of Ivan tea contains vitamins of B group and ascorbic acid. According to the containment of vitamin C, this tea is a champion, because the amount of ascorbic acid reaches 400 mg per 100 gr of tea, and this is several times more than in citrus (lemon and orange) and in black currant.

Leaves of blooming sally also contain protein which is easily and quickly absorbed by the body and promotes fast satiation with energy.

This tea has no caffeine, purine, oxalate and uric acids, which adversely affect the metabolism.

Action of blooming sally on the body

Ivan tea – is a drink with a very pleasant taste and color – has a powerful healing effect! This homely-looking grass has such therapeutic effects, healing properties and chemical content, which surpass even the sea cabbage.

Ivan tea raises the tone and gives strength, is used to treat headaches, migraines, it is perfectly calms the nerves, relieves stress, and normalizes sleep. Ivan tea has gradual analgesic effect due to alkaloid, mucus, flavonoids and magnesium in its leaves. By the way, this is a soft non-addictive remedy.

Having a great anti-inflammatory effect, Ivan tea is used for inflammation treatment of all organs of body system: respiratory (bronchopulmonary diseases, ARVI, but only if a person takes tea in the first two days after the first symptoms of disease. Otherwise there will be no effect, or it will return), genitourinary (for the treatment of male diseases — prostatitis and prostate adenoma).

Such a specific effect of the plant is due to the content of flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, vitamin C, organic acids, triterpenoids, and trace elements.

It extends the active life of the male body, maintaining and improving the function of the “second heart” — the prostate gland. In addition, the state of men’s health significantly improves in general: increases potency normalizes erectile function. No wonder Ivan tea is called “male” grass.

Providing constant use, blooming sally has a great effect on the blood (increases the level of hemoglobin, restores the acid-alkaline normal level, due to the content of elements such as B group vitamins, vitamin C, iron, which support the hematopoietic function);

Vitamin C and a great amount of minerals in this tea help to strengthen all organism, also it significantly improves the immune system and resistance to pathogens of various diseases. During the respiratory diseases Ivan tea normalizes temperature, eliminates fever and dither.

Because Ivan tea has tannins, mucus, pectin and other useful components, it is able to enhance and restore the digestive system activity; it eliminates constipation, heartburn and dysbacteriosis. All this is achieved by the coating, anti-inflammatory and reparative action of tea.

The tea has also a beneficial effect on the mouth, it is an excellent preventive remedy from dental caries and periodontal disease, and it normalizes the oral mucosa.

Ivan tea is a good antioxidant agent which protects body from free radicals — particles that destroy cells in the body.  Flavonoids and pectins of Ivan tea leaves are natural adsorbents which purify the body from toxic elements and impurities.

Ivan tea drink is extremely useful for the normalization of condition after alcohol intoxication, and it helps to reduce the consumption of alcohol in the future.

Ivan tea is very useful for pregnant and lactating women, it is allowed to give to drink even to infants, because its beneficial properties have no side-effects.

It slows down early skin aging, and makes the skin elastic and firm. All this is thanks to some substances that stimulate natural processes of collagen synthesis (phytosterols, vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, organic acids and copper).

Ivan tea is used in traditional medicine to treat cancer. And there is nothing surprising, because no one other tea has such a large number of trace elements, and its use is one of the most powerful and visible.

Ivan tea along with black and green teas, can promote a healthy lifestyle. It is a drink that prepossesses to communicate, and bring appeasement and vitality.

10 advantages of Ivan tea:

— increases resistance to stress;

— purifies the body (removes intoxication and food and alcohol poisoning);

— saturates the body with essential trace elements (1L of drink per 1 day);

— has a beneficial effect on prevention of dental caries;

— normalizes blood pressure and body condition;

— when making tea it gives 3 stable brewing;

— does not contain caffeine;

— is not amenable to GMOs;

— manual work. minimum mechanization in all stages of production;

— is identical to black tea in taste and color.

— made in Siberia with love for you.